About CPH'ATTITUDE Jewelry

Founder & Designer Anders Juel 

Anders Juel, Founder of CPH'ATTITUDE Jewlery

“The inspiration for making street style inspired jewelry, came to me a couple of years ago.

I have always loved street style fashion, and the ability to express our uniqueness as individuals thru the way we dress.


Then one day my girlfriend came to me with some vintage jewelry, which was heirlooms. She didn´t want to wear the jewelry because the design was old school, but on the other hand she could not bear to throw it out, because the gemstones was so beautifully looking.

I then cut up the old necklaces, and I decided to make some modern looking bracelets out of the stones and beads. It went well, in fact so well that when I posted some pics online people was very excited. 

This inspired me to carry on designing jewelry, and it became the concept of CPH’ATTITUDE Jewelry - To create cool looking street style jewelry with an edgy design.

I am Danish born, and CPH is the abbreviation for Copenhagen. The Danes are known to be openminded and we have a long tradition for design, so this is the reason behind the name of the brand CPH’ATTITUDE. 

The tagline is YOU ARE UNIQUE, and you can read my Purpose Statement here

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