The idea for CPH'ATTITUDE came to me when I got my hands on some vintage jewelry pieces, which was family heirlooms.

The design of the jewelry was not modern, but I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful gemstones and beads. I also noticed that the quality of the stones was very good, looking like they could last a lifetime.
In fact gemstones is a mineral that is thousands of years old, so the lasting capabilities isn´t arguable.

​I cut up the old jewelry, and then decided that I would try to make some cool bracelets using the vintage gemstones and beads. This went well. In fact so well that when I posted the pictures on SoMe people was very excited and asked me where to buy the jewelry.

​This inspired me to carry on with the gemstones, and it has become the concept of my brand CPH’ATTITUDE - to design cool unique and street style inspired jewelry

I also do custom designs for clients. These designs often are inspired by a personal experience,

a special interest or a passion of my client

You can see some of the unique designs in the GALLERY

​I am a danish native. CPH is the abbreviation for Copenhagen, while ATTITUDE emphasizes that this is not an ordinary jewelry brand - This is CPH'ATTITUDE


Designer & Founder Anders Juel Rasmussen

Anders Juel Rasmussen, Founder of CPH'ATTITUDE
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