About CPH'ATTITUDE Jewelry

I love street style and streetfashion. It allows us to express our uniqueness thru the way that we dress.


One day my girlfriend handed me some vintage jewelry, which was heirlooms.

She didn´t want to wear the jewelry because the design was outdated. On the other hand she couldn´t bear to throw them out, because the gemstones was so beautifully looking.

I then cut up the old necklaces, and I decided that I would try to make some unique looking bracelets with the gemstones and beads.  It went well, in fact so well that when I posted some pictures on my SoMe accounts people was very excited and asked me where to buy them. 

This inspired me to carry on with the jewelry designing, and it became the concept of CPH’ATTITUDE Jewelry - To create cool street style jewelry with an edgy design.

I also make custom designs for my clients. Often with a design inspired by a personal experience, a special interest or passion. You can see some of my unique designs in the GALLERY

I am born in Denmark and CPH is the abbreviation for the capitol Copenhagen, while
ATTITUDE emphasizes that this is no ordinary jewelry brand - This is CPH'ATTITUDE


Designer & Founder Anders Juel Rasmussen

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