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Anders Juel Rasmussen, Jewelry Composer & Founder of CPH'ATTITUDE

Jewelry Composer

Anders Juel Rasmussen

I got the inspiration for CPH'ATTITUDE a few years ago when I was handed some vintage jewelry. 
I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful gemstones and beads.


I noticed that the quality of the stones was very good, they were looking like they would last for a lifetime. Gemstones are often minerals that can be thousands of years old, which is fascinating.

​I decided that I would try to make some bracelets using the beautiful gemstones and beads.

This went well! In fact so well that when I posted a few pictures on SoMe people was very excited, and they asked me where to buy this cool jewelry.

​This inspired me to carry on designing jewelry, and it has become the concept for CPH’ATTITUDE

To design cool jewelry inspired by street style fashion, and my love and passion for music.

Each of my designs I give a title. They all tell a story, and in many ways I consider my creations the same way as when you hear a song that touches you.
I call myself Jewelry Composer and CPH´ATTITUDE is jewelry that expresses emotions and passion.


I knew right from the start that I didn´t want to build just another mainstream jewelry brand. 
When you look at my concept I´m proud to say thay I have succeeded in creating a very unique brand, and my designs all have the very special CPH´ATTITUDE   


You can see some of them in the GALLERY

​CPH is the abbreviation for Copenhagen. ATTITUDE emphasizes that this is jewelry created on feelings of emotion and passion, the heart of CPH'ATTITUDE

Read my PURPOSE STATEMENT which is an encouragement to embrace yourself and proudly show your attitude 

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