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Which materials are used for CPH'ATTITUDE jewelries

I use gemstones as well as metal and glass beads.

Gemstones are available in a large variety of colors.

Here is some of the options that you will find at CPH'ATTITUDE

  • Skull, Buddha and gilded beads in metal

  • Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Onyx

  • Magnetic Hematites, used i.a. of athletes

  • 925 Sterling Silver, Howlite, Jade, Jasper

  • Faceted Smokey Agates

The gemstones are high quality and handpicked by me.

Gemstones is a durable material, and I use vintage stones when possible.

I also have customers who return and want to have their bracelets customized or redesigned, e.g. if they want to celebrate an event in their life.

My customers like the fact that their bracelets are handmade and that the quality is very high.

If you haven´t had gemstones before, many will be surprised by the weight and quality of stones and pearls, it is something completely different from cheap plastic jewelry. 
Watch the quality in the video section

Beads used for CPH'ATTITUDE jewelry

Do all of the designs have a title

Yes all my designs have a title and a message.

When a customer order a custom bracelet it´s often a celebration of a specific event.

Perhaps a message that is attached to a special episode in your life,

a personal value or a passion that you cultivate.

It can be music, sport, art, entrepreneurship, education, children, etc.

Things that you want to be reminded of.

Here are a few examples on design titles from CPH'ATTITUDE

Be inspired by the titles in the BRACELETS and NECKLACE galleries

Each design by CPH'ATTITUDE has its own title

Can you order a unique design with your own story

Yes, it is part of my concept that I create unique designs for my customers. 

CPH'ATTITUDE has a tagline Jewelry Expressing You and to wear a visible proof of your passion is a strong signal to yourself and to others.

What does it mean that the bracelets are handmade

For me handmade is a question of good craftsmanship. This means that each gemstone, crystal and pearl is individually selected.

The bracelets are assembled by hand, and they are individually quality checked. A completely manual process with love for the details in every product by CPH'ATTITUDE

I always have a dialogue with the customer regarding custom designs, and the customer can follow the process from design phase to finished product.

Are the designs unique

At CPH'ATTITUDE all custom design orders are unique.

This represents great personal value to the one wearing the jewelry. This way it becomes their personal talisman.

What is the special value in a jewelry from CPH'ATTITUDE 

One of the big advantages is that you have the opportunity to have your jewelry redesigned.

Your personal story may change over time, and you might want to reflect that in your jewelry.

You can order a new piece of jewelry, or you can also have changes made if you already have a CPH'ATTITUDE bracelet.

A personal piece of jewelry represents you where you are now, and where you are going.

Would you like to have your own unique bracelet or necklace

Maybe you have an idea for your own unique jewelry, or let me give you some inspiration.

Start the dialogue with me right now - click the GET AN OFFER button to get in contact

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