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What materials are used for the jewelry?

I use gemstones and a wide selection of beads in metal and glass.

The gemstones are available in a large number of colors.

Here is a small sample of the options that you will find at CPH'ATTITUDE

  • Skull, Budda and gilded beads in metal

  • Tiger's Eye and Rose Quartz

  • Magnetic Hematites, used i.a. of athletes

  • Howlite, Jade, Jasper

  • Faceted Smokey Agates and many more

All gemstones are high quality and handpicked by me personally.

CPH'ATTITUDE supports the idea of sustainable production.

This means that the materials I use are either vintage stone or that they can be reused.

I also experience customers who return and want to have their bracelets customized or redesigned, e.g. if they want to celebrate an event in their life.

The customers attach great importance to the fact that their bracelets are handmade and that the quality is at a high level.

If you have not had gemstones before, many people will be surprised by the weight and quality of stones and pearls, it is something completely different from cheap plastic jewelry.  Watch the quality in the video section

Flowerful & Good Vibes bracelet designs

Do all of the designs have messages?

All designs from CPH'ATTITUDE carry a message with a unique story,

much like a song🎼

When the customer orders a custom design with a unique theme or message,

I start from that message and give the bracelet a name that matches it.

Perhaps the message should be connected to a special episode in your life,

a personal value or a passion that you cultivate.

It can be music, sport, art, entrepreneurship, education, children, etc.

Things that you want to be reminded of.

Here are a few examples on design titles from CPH'ATTITUDE

There are many more bracelets that you can look at and be inspired by.

PICTURE PERFECT custom design for a photographer

Can you order a unique piece of jewelry with a personal message?

Yes, it is part of the concept that I create unique designs for my customers. We are all unique and each have our own unique talents, interests and passion.

CPH'ATTITUDE has a tagline YOU ARE UNIQUE and you show it with a piece of jewelry designed uniquely for you. It is very personal, and wearing a visible proof of your passion is a strong signal to yourself and to others.

What does it mean that your bracelets are handmade?

For CPH'ATTITUDE, handmade is the same as good craftsmanship. This means that each gemstone, each crystal and each pearl is individually selected.

The bracelets are assembled by hand, and they are also checked for quality by hand. A completely manual process with love for detail.

CPH'ATTITUDE always has a close dialogue with the customer regarding custom designs, and the customer can follow the process from design to finished product.

Are all designs unique?

At CPH'ATTITUDE, all customer-ordered designs are unique.

They are given their own title and represent great personal value to the wearer. It becomes their personal talisman.

What is the advantage of a bracelet from CPH'ATTITUDE?

A big advantage is that you have the opportunity to have your jewelry changed and redesigned.

Your story changes over time, and you might want to reflect that in your jewelry. You can order a new piece of jewelry, but you can also have changes made to the bracelet you already have.

A bracelet from CPH'ATTITUDE represents you where you are now and where you are going.

Would you like to have your own unique bracelet?

You have an idea for your own unique bracelet from CPH'ATTITUDE. So start a dialogue with me right now.

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