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What customers say about CPH'ATTITUDE

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" It makes good sense to compare your jewelry to tattoos, Anders. My bracelet 'Joy of Living' is both a statement to the universe and a promise to myself to play along with my sense of life, because that creates joy in life. And in this way you can also say that your bracelets play for both you as a jewelry composer and for your happy customers 🎶 💖 🙏 "  Tut Ma

Custom design  ´Joy of Living´ bracelet

Custom design bracelet & symbol

"  In March 2021, I had a wish to have a unique bracelet made that would symbolize the love for my family and at the same time it had to fit my Omega Planet Ocean, Anders handled that task to perfection and where the 3 white stones are synonymous with my family.  "   Thomas Stevnbak Andersen

"  Wow - what a good experience with Anders on the development of two unique DM bracelets. The dialogue, management and collaboration are at a high level - I can only recommend Anders and thank you very much for these two unique DM bracelets :-)  "  Michael Jensen  

A design tribute to Depeche Mode

Custom design two matching bracelets 

"  In addition to being an incredibly pleasant person, with some cool values, Anders is completely unique in his ability to make a "one of a kind" bracelet. They really are spot on with one's dreams and ideas of ​​what they should communicate, symbolize and radiate.  As a bonus, they are handmade in DK, recycling in the coolest way.

And there is guaranteed to be only one.  "  Peter

"  Service and quality speak for themselves. I think the idea of ​​the bracelets is brilliant, they fit 100% with Anders' Personal Life Driver Analysis, which he did with me during my coaching. I think it's great that all your bracelets have a name and a story, so it makes the bracelet that much more personal for each customer. My bracelets that you produced are unique and only exist once on this earth and are made only for the respective customer. Wow, I'm happy to be your customer. Thanks. With the BEST from Stephan Sax - who finds Your inner motivation  "

Unique bracelet designs with a purpose  

Custom design on the clients own ideas 

"  The first bracelet I bought from CPH'ATTITUDE I chose to call ´Fucking Strong Attitude´ With focus and persistence as a focal point. Then I was developing my business, so it makes perfect sense that it should be a totem on my journey as a self-employed person. Anders calls himself a jewelry composer.

That's why he was also immediately on board with the idea of ​​my second bracelet. It's called ´Harmonies Like Queen´ and represents the keys on the piano on which Freddie Mercury wrote the amazing tracks for Queen. I came up with the idea on New Year's Eve and immediately sent it to Anders, who loved the idea. For me, CPH'ATTITUDE represents the values of pure joy, excitement, encouragement to follow your dreams.  "

Claus Enghuus

"  CPH'ATTITUDE and Anders Juel Rasmussens concept is quite simply unique when you, like me, want to put your own stamp on your form of expression in what you wear.

We send signals and we express ourselves all the time, even when we don't think we do. With Anders sense of the customers desire for design, it is SO cool to have a unique piece of jewelry designed and made in this way. And CPH'ATTITUDE and Anders have targeted that niche perfectly.

Also in my bracelet - SUN ON THE MOUNTAINSIDE

Three shooting stars from here💫💫💫  "  Allan Dacke

Express yourself with unique design  

Jewelry with musicality 

"  I absolutely love the concept of CPH'ATTITUDE and that the jewellery has messages. It's like wearing your favorite song on your hand and the design is super cool. It's almost as if the stones become musical notes💎🎼 - completely unique👌  " 

Mette Lundberg

"  I am very happy with the piece of jewelry that Anders has composed for me, Picture Perfect
I don´t wear any kind of jewelry on a daily basis, nor a watch.
Now I have had the pleasure of making the profile video for CPH'ATTITUDE and that story touched me so much, that I just had to have one of Anders' designs. "  Fechtenburg Visuals

Jewelry design with meaning  

Inspired by music

"  You are a jewelry composer with amazingly beautiful music in your veins! This is clearly seen in your cool and beautifully composed designs.💎💎💎🌞🌞🌞🎶🎶🎶  "

Cherina Carina Hyun Holm

"  I asked Anders if he could design two beautiful bracelets for my special someone. From our very first e-mail exchange, Anders took the time to carefully consider and understand my vision for the designs as well as my thoughts behind them. The bracelets came out absolutely beautiful and it was such a joy working with Anders! I highly recommend!  "  Charlotte

Custom on clients requests  

Jewelry and also a totem

"  A unique product from CPH'ATTITUDE is like having my own story with me everywhere. It is a friend (totem) that reminds me of who I am, what I have experienced, what matters to me and what values ​​I have . It's a part of me and my identity - It's unique, it's me and it's attitude, in a really good way!  "  Thor

"  I have bought a Pearl Diver for myself, and I just have to say wow! What a confidence that I feel it gives me, and it's visible but discreet and still easy to wear. I can only recommend shopping from CPH'ATITTUDE world-class service and understanding of the customer journey  "  Anders Fogh - Startup Central

Confidence and easy to wear  

Like a pair of superheroes

"  Today I got a bracelet from jewelry composer Anders Juel Rasmussen, custom made for me 🙏 The goal was to create a super cool duo - like Robin and Batman 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️😉 I think Anders has succeeded completely in that, and I am super happy for the bracelet.  "  Andreas Dirksen, SignUp Academy  

"  I had seen a bracelet that CPH'ATTITUDE designed for a good friend. I am an enthusiastic exercise rider, so I wanted a magnetic bracelet because magnetism increases blood circulation. I asked Anders for a design proposal, and he came back with the idea for MAGNETIC MOVES A cool bracelet that now follows me on all my trips with the bike.  "    Morten

Cool and functional

Sunshine and happy colors

"  I love it, It is just as it should be. I picked it up yesterday and am currently sitting with it. It is spot on - 2023 can only be sunshine and happy colors in my life. Thank you very much. 🙏🏻  "   Rikke Svendsen

"I have bought many bracelets over the years and I just have to say that my bracelet 'Strong Minded' is of high quality - design, beads, pendant and durability is the best product I have experienced on the market🙂

In addition to that, it's just great to have personal communication about design and adaptation of "my" design together with Anders. This bracelet now adorns my wrist and I look at it every day with a smile and a warm heart, because it is so cool and my statement and reminder that life's challenges require us to possess resilience and be "Strong Minded" to get through them – so that we can rise from the ashes to the fire……. time after time.


I'm already thinking about the next design together with the Jewelry Composer Anders 🎶 ”

💖 🙏 from Thomas

To be Strong-Minded

Bracelet with purpose

" Dear Anders

It is an absolutely fantastic bracelet. The quality, the look and the work behind it. I love my new bracelet. ♻️


It's 100% me who thanks 💚🙌🏻 "

Rasmus Erichsen - Founder Stop Spild Lokalt

 " A Magic Moment 🏰✨🐭

More than 20 years ago I was on training at Disney Consultancy, which has only one purpose and that is to teach others about Disney's way of running customer service.

It left a deep mark on me and has followed me ever since, in short it is "simply" about exceeding your customer's expectations, sometimes easier said than done 😂🙈


I recently asked my good old colleague Anders Juel Rasmussen to try to design a very special bracelet with that story in it, it's something he specializes in making personalized bracelets with stories in via his company CPH'ATTITUDE

I have just now received the bracelet and hold on, how cool it is and Anders Juel Rasmussen you have completely captured the feeling of a magical moment!!  "   Bjørn Lundt

Magical inspiration

For the explorer

" I am super happy with the bracelet 💖 "

   Karina Jensen

" My girlfriend and I decided to take a chance at Anders with two bracelets and we were not disappointed. Anders is extremely passionate and thorough in his "research" of the wishes we had, whereby we both got exactly the personal jewellery we wanted. Together with a cozy storytelling which we happily share with those who ask 😀 "  Henriette & Lars

Bracelets for a love couple

Celebrating life and each other 

"  Long story short, CPH'ATTITUDE has been in my consciousness for a long time.

As my wife and I had two significant things to celebrate, I wanted to surprise and delight her with something unique.

She loves jewelry that has a story, and I was brought up in a creative, story-filled environment.

The story was tied together by Anders' ability to compose colors in precious stones, carried by symbolism, especially for us.

The CPH'ATTITUDE jewelry, "A knight in white armor" and "Faraway, so close" will remind us where we come from and where we are going, in the eternal circle of life.  "

Regards Kjarstein

The gemstones themselves are composed of colors and symbolism that are close to me. Both in the profession as a cocktail bartender. Eg. my love for cranberry juice (the reddish gems) My love for caffe & milky cocktails (the brown yellowish gems) The black ones, my love for licorice and use it in cocktails too. The gold in the middle which is my dearest, and the bottom in the form of the note which is the love for music.
The surrounding stones are then the raw muscularity and the repetitive and correct mix  "  Vlad Sharov

Celebrating taste for life and work

Think I will have another one 

"  I was a little in doubt if I was too old to have a bracelet like this. But I´m super happy about it. I have been wearing it continuously ever since, even when taking a winter bath.
It makes me feel ten years younger. And the only problem is that I think i´ll have to have another one🙂  "   Jesper

Super cool bracelet. I´m a musician and it´s pretty cool with the Key of G logo on one of the beads. And some pretty nice beads as well.  "  Jacob

Designed for a musician

Matching designs 

" Anders manages to meet someone with enormous warmth.
It makes the collab really beautiful and easy. He translates one's thoughts and wishes in a noble way through his beautiful stones. It is present service and good quality throughout the process. Even the package that the bracelet comes in is well thought out!
I am so happy with the bracelets I got ⭐️  "   Sonny

What the customers say about CPH'ATTITUDE


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