Sustainable Development Goals

SDG no. 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
We produce locally and with recycled materials, so we repurpose quality materials instead of having af polluting production. We use no child labour or low wage workers in facilities with inhumane working conditions. We strongly support gender, race, social, political, cultural and religious equality.

One world - One people.

SDG no. 13 Climate Action
We are a circular fashion brand that have no factory production. We only hand assembly, and have nearly no waste from our production.
We strive to leave as little climate footprint as possible, while on the other hand we wish to leave a big footprint in peoples mind, inspiring them to integrate sustainability in their everyday life.


I use vintage beads in my production

Upcycling is the perfect way to make new use out of vintage accessoires, that may have been fashionable out of date, but in no way worn out


With the use of vintage beads the production of CPH`ATTITUDE is better for the enviroment, because no carbon emissions is caused, and no waste produced

When reusing materials we also prevent from the use of production in places where the labor is exploited


Underpayment and unfair working conditions is one of the worlds biggest threats against equality and sustainability


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